Tuesday, April 16, 2024 - 04:51


The trading of Banks and Investment Holdings shares is characterized by a weekly auction market model whose main function is to provide an investment and disinvestment channel that improves their transparency and liquidity.

Listed Banks

The benefits of our model are:

  • full transparency of the pricing model;
  • full equal treatment of investors with the same investment or disinvestment objective;
  • negotiations conducted in orderly manner also thanks to a price creation mechanism suitable to make the price trend predictable over time;
  • multiple solutions that Issuers can adopt to improve the liquidity of their shares (adoption of repurchase programs, assignment to liquidity providers, extraordinary buy-back transactions) and to better calibrate the negotiations by virtue of the liquidity levels achieved (Issuers can choose between three sections called Gates with different characteristics).

Investment Holding Companies

Even for Investment Holding companies the listing allows to achieve the same benefits enjoyed for listed banks, so it represents a viable alternative, at competitive costs, compared to other existing markets. In relation to this type of issuer, the main advantage appears to be the guarantee of orderly trading, thanks to a price formation mechanism that limits the impact of spot and not significant transactions.

About twenty shares of banks are currently traded on the Segment.

For more information you can visit the section "Focus Shares at Auction" where the most important information about each Issuer is reported.