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The trading of Bonds and other debt securities are part of the main activities of the Vorvel Market.

The solutions

The solutions are multiple in order to meet different needs:

  • two Market Segments are dedicated to the so-called secondary market phase (continuous trading of already issued securities).
  • one Segment requires at least one mandatory Market Maker per instrument; the other Segment is characterized by an order driven trading phase that is eventually assisted by the presence of a Specialist;
  • the Placement Service, dedicated to the so-called primary market phase (initial placement of newly issued securities);
  • a Market Segment characterised by a Request For Quote (RFQ) mechanism, mainly dedicated to the execution of higher value trades;
  • a cross section dedicated to ESG securities (the so-called Vorvel ESG Portfolio).

Vorvel also offers the management of bilateral internalisation systems.

What makes us different?

The Vorvel bonds are also distinguished by:

  • very competitive trading and listing fees;
  • a large portfolio of securities;
  • a large number of Issuers who have chosen Vorvel as their main trading venue.

Brokers and Market Makers

Italian investors can trade the financial instruments admitted on Vorvel by ten brokers: Fineco Bank, Banca Akros, Iccrea Banca, Equita Sim, Mediobanca, Banca Generali and Banca di Cambiano to which are added the related intermediaries. There are four active Market Makers: ICCREA Banca, Banca Sella Holding, Banco BPM, Equita Sim and Banco di Desio e della Brianza.